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How Can a Personal Injury Lawsuit or Accident Lawsuit Affect Your Life?

Lawsuits can wreak financial havoc on individuals and families across America. People struggle to make rent, mortgage, and other types of payments, and are forced to find creative ways to stretch limited resources. If you’re in the midst of litigation, you may be eligible for non-recourse funding to help you make ends meet.

Non-recourse funding, also called litigation funding, lawsuit funding, or pre-settlement funding, is a resource that allows you to maintain a reasonable standard of living while you wait for your case to make its way through the courts. Many people who become ill or injured due to another’s negligence find their lives suddenly upended. Medical bills and other expenses can pile up quickly. The problem is compounded when the injured party is no longer able to work. Too often, as circumstances become desperate, accident victims feel they have no other option than to settle for less than they deserve because they cannot afford to wait for the case to go to trial. Non-recourse funding is not a loan. There is no credit check, and you only have to pay the money back if you win, or at least reach a fair settlement.

What Is Non-Recourse Funding?

Non-recourse funding can be a lifeline to help you stay on top of your bills while you wait for things to get back to normal. You can use your legal funding to pay for:

What Can Legal Funding Be Used For

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Medical bills
  • Transportation/auto maintenance
  • Incidentals, such as clothing, household items, and education

Who May Be Eligible for Pre-settlement Funding?

Non-recourse funding is available to anyone with a pending personal injury or accident claim or lawsuit, who has an attorney, and suffered physical injury and loss as a result of another’s negligence that wishes to file an application. 

When financial concerns can be especially pressing, non-recourse funding can enable you to make ends meet so you can focus on winning your case. Contact us at LawCash (1.800.529.2274), or apply online today.

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