Attorney Financing

We have the ability to provide law firms with case cost funding, law firm loans, and working capital financing. Our innovative financial solutions for contingency fee law firms can meet trial law firms’ unique liquidity needs, thereby improving cash flow and profitability.

Get Paid on the Day the Case Is Resolved

You no longer have to wait for the insurance company or the defendant to pay its settlement or judgment. With our Settlement Case Fund, you and your clients will immediately get up to 50% of the cost and the right of recovery in the case. As long as a settlement is reached, Lending Eagles will provide funding. Notwithstanding the type of case, we will provide “resolved case funds” for any resolved case.

Attorney Settlement Case Funding

Attorney Settled Case Funding

Ethics Opinions

Over the past several decades, lawsuit funding has become an integral part of the American civil justice system. Many states have passed laws allowing lawsuit finance to help impecunious plaintiffs achieve their day in court and combat delay and unfairness in the legal system, which is rigged in favor of better-capitalized defendants and large insurance companies.