Pre-Settlement Funding

If you do not win or resolve your case, you will have nothing

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding is the plaintiff’s funding without recourse in the lawsuit. The preceding implies that if you do not win or resolve your case, you do not owe any money to Lending Eagles. 

Medical expenses and daily living expenses can cause an overwhelming financial burden. Usually, the plaintiff in a lawsuit cannot work and sometimes faces severe medical expenses while waiting for the case to be resolved. Pre-settlement funding can help our customers get fair settlements instead of accepting lower settlements due to cash restrictions.

How Does Pre-Settlement Funding Work?

In the past, victims of personal injury and plaintiffs had nowhere to seek direct financial assistance. When candidate lenders only have potential litigation compensation as collateral, banks and credit cooperatives do not provide loans. Now, the plaintiff can get a better choice through pre-reconciliation funding.

Case Settlement Funding

When your case is settled, but you still have to wait several months or longer to receive payment, the settled case funds will bridge the gap between settlement and restoration.

Surgery Financing

Litigation funding for surgery financing can help the plaintiff get the care they need without settling it prematurely. Usually, accident victims and other injured plaintiffs need medical treatment but cannot afford it. The increase in surgery funding can make a difference.