Case Types

We are here to help you so that you can recover and live a comfortable life before you wait for the litigation to be resolved.

Lending Eagles provides litigation funding, surgery funding, and settlement funding for the plaintiff.

Legal funding. Litigation financing. Pre-settlement funding. Many terms are used in this industry, which can be confusing. We have covered it for you. Click here to see the difference.

Auto Accident Litigation Funding

In an instant, a motor vehicle accident may change your life forever. Car accidents usually result in severe injuries and disability, leading to high medical expenses and inability to work.

Labor Litigation/Construction Site Injury

Labor lawsuits apply to people who have suffered some form of injury due to their employer, whether due to injury or unpaid wages.

Medical Malpractice Funding

Medical malpractice litigation requires doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medical staff to take responsibility when they cannot provide adequate standards of care for patients.

Class Action Litigation Funding

Class actions, also known as collective infringements, involve a significant number of plaintiffs injured by a single product or company.

Workers' Compensation Claim Funding

People injured at work must follow a procedure called “workers’ compensation claims” to ensure recovery.

Types of Cases

Lending Eagles Funds Many Different Case Types