Attorney FAQ

Plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs who have not filed a claim but are represented by a lawyer are eligible for Lending Eagles litigation financing.

Lending Eagles provides legal funds, including pre-settlement funds, to plaintiffs and those who have claims and are represented by lawyers but have not filed a lawsuit. If you do not win or resolve the case, Lending Eagles’s litigation funds will not be repaid.
No. Legal funding (also called litigation funding and pre-settlement funding) are not loans, although many people refer to the litigation funding services provided by Lending Eagles as “litigation loans.” If Lending Eagles provided the plaintiff’s pre-settlement funding in one of your circumstances, your client would only need to repay Lending Eagles after you resolve or win the lawsuit. If you do not prevail, your client will not owe us any fees.
No. Any repayments to Lending Eagles, including the plaintiff’s litigation funding, pre-settlement litigation funding, surgery funding, medical expenses legal funds, and post-settlement funding, will be paid upon receipt of the settlement or ruling. There are no monthly payments related to Lending Eagles legal funds or litigation funding.
If we approve the pre-settlement funding requirements, we can provide your customers with cash advances within 24 to 48 hours. After receiving the legal assistance agreement signed by you and your client, we will release the advance payment of litigation funding to your client.

Lending Eagles can approve a down payment request within one hour after verifying the information you provide. Then, as long as you or your client executes the funding agreement for the advance payment after the settlement, we will advance the litigation funding. In case you have any questions, please send an email to info@Lending
Our litigation funding team will advance at least US$500 in litigation funding. There is no maximum limit, although we will appropriately reduce and limit the legal funding rate. Lending Eagles will prepay up to 50% of the net settlement proceeds to the plaintiff in the form of post-conciliation funds and prepay 60% of the attorney’s fees to the lawyer.
The amount of any advance payment of litigation funding depends on the plaintiff’s needs and the claim’s estimated value. When determining the number of advances for litigation financing, we will consider the following factors: the facts and laws related to the claim, liability, the location of the trial case, and the insurance company (if any) involved in the litigation.
If your client wants to apply for pre-settlement funding, your client must fill out our application and disclosure form. This legal aid form authorizes Lending Eagles to contact you about the claim so that we can begin the evaluation and underwriting process. We might ask you to provide information about the case, medical reports, emergency room reports, accident reports, expert testimony, insurance information, information about the current status of litigation, and any other details that help us make litigation funding decisions. If, after reviewing the application, Lending Eagles approves your client’s request for funding for the plaintiff’s litigation, we will sign a funding agreement with your client.

If the plaintiff obtains a settlement or ruling, the “funding agreement” will list the amount of litigation funds and the amount owed to Lending Eagles. We will send you a funding agreement for your signature to protect our interests. In addition to providing preliminary information during the application process, providing quarterly case updates at our request, and sending Lending Eagles repayments before forwarding the settlement or reward proceeds to your customers, you will not be in contact with Lending Eagles.
Yes. Since Lending Eagles’s litigation financing team is taking considerable risks in providing litigation financing to the plaintiff, we only charge a monthly fee when a settlement is reached. If there is no viable alternative source of litigation financing, Lending Eagles litigation financing will provide an excellent solution. We provide the lowest monthly fees in the litigation funding industry.
No. We will not interfere with your client’s case. Lending Eagles will collect information about the case to make litigation funding decisions but will never intervene or attempt to intervene in your case after making a legal funding decision. Our underwriting team and credit committee will speak for themselves and only ask specific questions and for particular documents, such as police reports, medical information, or insurance policy information. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to make legal funding decisions. Your case is your case, and Lending Eagles will not intervene in this case in any way.
If you do not want us to provide funding for any of your cases, please let us know so that we can stop all legal fund application activities. However, we hope you can take some time to learn more about Lending Eagles and our services before drawing any conclusions. If you have any litigation funding issues, please feel free to contact us.
Litigation financing companies provide a helpful service that helps customers pay for food, mortgage, medical, and other bills when making a claim. The laws of each state may be different. Many states have enacted laws governing litigation financing, and Lending Eagles will carefully study and abide by each state’s laws in which it does business.

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